Coffee.  Simply done.

Come and explore fresh-roasted,  organic,  premium coffees from around the world at Islamorada House of Coffees in the Florida Keys.

Create a coffee experience by learning about the journey of the coffee you taste.  Learn about the history, region, environment and families who grow and process organic coffee beans so you get to appreciate the true flavor of a bean in your cup.

Understand why we source from organizations such as Cafe Femenino, Rainforest Alliance/UTZ, as well as from Bird-Friendly and Shade-Grown farms and that Organic for us is more of a lifestyle than having a certification.

Most of all, inhale the different flavor profiles which each varietal of Arabica bean offers - aromas of heady peaches, ripe strawberries, fresh roasted nuts, sweet toffee - tastes of rich chocolate, cocoa, satsumas, honey and warm spices. 


Microlot Coffee
          Small-batch Roasted


Pour-over Coffee
Fresh Brewed

We are your premier online specialty coffee store in the Florida Keys. 

We offer free delivery of your coffee beans within Islamorada, so you can wake up to the smell of fresh roasted and fresh brewed coffee in your home.

Look out for our upcoming Merchandise section for gifts or coffee nerds.

Pouring Coffee into Filter
Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


At Islamorada House of Coffees we care about the ethics, economics, environment and people when we source and purchase our beans.  We want to know the story of the families and their growing and processing practices.

Workers deserve to be treated fairly and paid commensurately for a day's work and that no chemicals are used to endanger employees.

Naturally Organic
              Ultra Premium