Islamorada House of Coffees is located in The Florida Keys, a narrow strip of islands off the southeastern tip of the USA.  We are never far from the Atlantic Ocean on one side or the Gulf of Mexico on the other. 

Our community sees and feels the difference in climate and the effects taking place which affects our livelihoods and we are sure that you too in your communities notice some differences as well.

Our aim is to help you help us, and therefore our individual communities by creating a minimal waste operation using products with a smaller footprint.  One step at a time.


Our coffee bags are completely compostable for home use.  Toss it directly into the garden compost and watch it break right down into the soil.

Our labels are made from 50% hemp and 50%post-consumer waste, meaning the material with completely break down.

12 oz Compostable Bags.jpg
Vietnamese farmers picking up coffee beans

Coffee & Tea

We are pleased to be working with small farmers and owners of small sourcing companies to bring you micro-lots of coffees that are unique to Islamorada House of Coffees. 

Not only are these farms organic in their practices, they also practice biodiversity on their farms.  Water is recycled, coffee waste is used to create fuel and natural fertilizer, and coffee by-products are created.

Our coffees also reflect support for predominantly women owned farms and organizations, Bird-friendly and Shade-grown coffees, Direct Trade and more than Fair-Trade standards of wages. 


We would be remiss to not mention the support thrown behind us by out Keys community.  To that measure, we also give back by supporting local environmental groups.

We are working on a couple ventures at the time of writing and will let you know the fantastic news when all is sorted!

Follow our friends Josh and Colin, avid coffee nerds (light-light/medium enthusiasts) on YouTube with Explore With Perseverance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKeADfHq_ps as they explore the East coast of the United States showing the beauty of the coastal waterways whilst sipping fresh roasted coffee shipped to their next port of call.