How to Brew Your Coffee

Brewing coffee in the simplest of terms is ground coffee + water.  Brewing a great cup of coffee is an art.

With pre-preparation, a solid cup of coffee takes 4 minutes to carefully craft. 

Take 4 minutes for you. 

A cup of coffee is very personal, therefore the measurements should work for you.  Start with our guidelines and increase or decrease measurements to suit your taste.

Pour Over

The pour over method is the best constant for brewing coffee.  This method allows for a fantastic cup of coffee before drifting over to experiment with other methods.

The instructions below are basic - trust me, we can get a whole lot complicated making a single cup of brew!

You will need:

     18-20g Coffee, medium-fine grind (not espresso fine)

     350 g   Hot Water

     4 mins from pouring to drinking

1. Rinse coffee receptacle with a little hot water.

2. Pour grinds into the filter (either mesh or paper) and give a wee shake

    to even the grounds.

3. Pour some hot water slowly, but not too slowly, in a circular motion

    to wet the grounds. (Your coffee should have a Bloom, andbeautiful

    is beautiful to watch.  Every coffee at different roasts bloom differently!).

4.  Allow about 45 seconds or so before breaking the crust and pouring

     the remainder of water in the same circular motion over the coffee


5.  Let the coffee finish drip to finish the brew.

6.  Look.  Smell.  Taste.  Enjoy.


French Press

The French Press has a quarrelsome history regarding who made it the first, the Italians or the French.  Nevertheless, it is a brewing method that delivers a fuller body in your cup.

You will need:

     20g  Coffee, coarse ground

     300g Hot Water

     6 minutes of your valuable time

1.  Swish the carafe with a little hot water and toss.

2.  Add coffee grounds, and pour about twice the amount of water on top

     of the grounds.

3.  Allow to bloom.  Agitate for a few seconds.  Pour the remaining water on

     the grounds and attach the plunger.  DO NOT PLUNGE YET.

4.  Allow the coffee to brew for 4 mins.  Depress the plunger - it should give

     a slight resistance.

5.  Pour and enjoy. 

6.  Decant any remaining coffee immediately, as it will continue to extract

      bitter flavors and oils.


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